Face Visualizer

image of four people on a stage at cooper hewitt. from the left: Ellen Lupton, Luke Dubois, Jessica Helfand, and Zack Lieberman. They each hold mics and Jessica is speaking
Exploring A.I.: Data Portraits
What does it feel like to have your face registered as a data point? To be seen or evaluated by a computer? While artificial intelligence has become a pervasive technology in our daily lives, it often goes unnoticed. Artists and designers Luke Dubois, Zach Lieberman, and Jessica Helfand discuss their work within the larger context...
Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi (of Face Visualizer fame) have unveiled a new project called Particles. Particles is a room-filling installation made of floating “light particles” that fly around and form glowing shapes. Visitors can choose a shape on a touchscreen panel and watch as hundreds of wirelessly controlled, glowing orbs create their selection in...