Image features a wallpaper with orange and white checkerboard pattern along with its matching border of dishes and fruit. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Kitchen Pick-Me-Up
This is a perky kitchen paper being shown with its matching cut-out border. Both of these samples are pages that were removed from a wallpaper sample book, one of those huge books used in showrooms that contain the full design. The grid pattern on the wallpaper is reminiscent of ceramic tiles, and while this paper...
Food for Thought
Now that Thanksgiving has arrived, the space of our kitchens is about to be center stage for friends, family, and most importantly, food. All of the most important trappings for Thanksgiving revolve around food and its accompaniments, such as dishware, which, are the center pieces of this kitchen sidewall from the mid 1930’s. Seemingly inlayed...