Danish Modernism

Image features brown paper bag, printed with representation of a wood-framed chair.
The Chieftain Chair Goes Shopping
This mid-twentieth century shopping bag celebrates an icon of Danish Modern furniture design. The bag, created in 1949 by Mike Romer and Ida Fabricius, is embellished with a boldly rendered illustration of the Chieftain chair (Høvdingestolen), designed in that same year by Danish architect and furniture designer Finn Juhl. With its dramatically curved leather upholstery...
View of front, side, and back of wood and blue upholstered side chair, from left to right across upper half of sheet. Plan of side chair in the lower middle of sheet, with pre-printed multiple image of chair at lower left.
A Chair for the American Family
In 1951, Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl brought Danish Modernism to forefront of American consciousness. He did so with his interior for the “Good Design” Exhibition in Chicago, as well his design for the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN headquarters in New York, which he completed the following year. However, Juhl’s sculptural forms,...