A glass decanter, with a bulbous bottom ascending into a narrow-necked top and a disc-like stopper, glows electric blue in a dark space.
Year of Glass: Old Glass in a New Light
An electron microscope and ultraviolet illumination can change what we know about the life of a glass object.
Image shows wallpaper pattern composed of crystal structures colored in blue and green against a white background. Please scroll down for further information on this object.
New Designs for the Atomic Age
In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. This mid-century design of crystalline structures takes on the appearance of falling snowflakes, with the varying scale of the crystals giving the design some dimension. The design is fresh and still appears modern today with its strong...
Cryptic Crystals
This seemingly seasonal sidewall was conceived by American designer Janet Hart White for Basset & Vollum, Inc. in 1953. Polygonal shapes of various sizes are outlined in black and scattered across a cream colored ground. Hexagonal medallions in bright blue and green highlight the intricate radial patterns contained within the polygons. For most of us,...