tatue of Liberty illustration in red and blue on white background. Recto: Closeup of statue's face in red, with gold sunbursts above. Verso: Closeup of statue's torch in blue, also with gold sunbursts. Right side panel: Celebration/ Patron of the July 4th Fireworks/ Bloomingdale's.
The Art of Shopping
Buy something at Bloomingdale’s, and you’ll likely receive one of three different brown paper bags: little, medium or big, depending on the size of your purchase. Spelled out in iconic sans-serif, these size classifications are the classic bags’ only adornment. This striking, simple design, created by Massimo Vignelli in 1973, has seen huge success as...
Freedom of the Seas
This fan commemorates in an interesting moment in early American foreign policy. During the eighteenth century, amidst the feverish rivalries of the European state system, various nations competed to dominate the world’s oceans. After the United States achieved independence, its political leaders championed the view that the seas should be free and common to all...