Image features white wallpaper with olive green scrollwork from which fern-like foliage sprouts. Monkeys, dressed in costumes of ultra-bright green, blue, red and pink, are perched on the scrollwork and involved in human activities such playing musical instruments and blowing bubbles. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Monkeying Around
Scrolling framework twists and curls along the length of this wallpaper, Singeries, which was screen printed by Piazza Prints Inc. and is dated to 1965. Winding along these curling sections are delicate green fronds that look to be from a fern or palm tree as their leaves reach outwards. Between the framework and fronds is...
A Paper Aquarium
In the 1950s it was popular to hang themed wallpapers in functional spaces. Designs were produced for the kitchen and dining room that depicted food and drink, for children’s bedrooms that showed toys, cartoons and fairytale characters, and even designs featuring objects such as irons and scissors were made to be hung in spaces where...