An Unfinished Embroidered Picture
In the 17th century, amateur embroiderers or their teachers could commission custom designs from pattern drawers. In Thomas Heywood’s 1607 play, “The Faire Maide of the Exchange,” a character known as the ‘Drawer’ takes detailed instruction for a handkerchief: In one corner of the same, place wanton love, Drawing his bow shooting an amorous dart,...
Blossoms and Birds
From the archives, an Object of the Day post on one of the design works featured in Rebeca Méndez Selects.
Poppies and Peacocks
Yet another fabulous and festive antique French wallpaper to highlight the missed opportunities inherent in the plain, white walls of our own time. Exuberant bouquets of stylized poppies and peacock feathers are held together by cornflower blue ribbons and festoons of coral colored blossoms. Dainty sparrows in rainbow plumage dart to and fro, adding a...