Manhattan Records
Rhythm of the City
Graphic designer Paula Scher adapted Piet Mondrian’s 1943 painting Broadway Boogie-Woogie when she created the graphic identity for Manhattan Records in 1984. On each LP that Manhattan Records released, the design is printed on the center label of sides A and B. When reflecting on her decision to turn to Mondrian, Scher explained “the strongest...
Textile, USA, 1957-58, Designed by Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973), manufactured by Fuller Fabrics (founded 1933), Gift of Olga Berendsen, 1958-127-1
The Bullfight
In 1953, Dan Fuller, president of Fuller Fabrics, invited five of the twentieth century’s most distinguished artists—Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, and Raoul Dufy—to collaborate on a line of textiles to be called the Modern Master Series. The concept was unique in that the artists were not commissioned to produce original patterns...
Meier 75
Personally, I am partial to Richard Meier’s approach to architecture. According to Meier, a building is an act of “willful artificiality;” a “man-made” spatial construct that functions as a receptacle for experiencing the world of nature. Meier’s white walls act as nature’s film screen capturing ever-changing patterns of reflected color and light. While Meier credits...
Design: Creativity in Service of Others
As a member of the 2009 National Design Awards Jury, let me first and foremost congratulate all of the winners and finalists. It was an exciting, exhausting, and inspiring process to review all the submissions and debate the merits and accomplishments of each. As a designer who has spent most of my career in the...