Art Deco

Circular form; smooth blue case surrounding metal band with Arabic numerals encircling white face with black hands; metal stem at top. At center: "WESTCLOX".
“An Essential Accessory”
This handbag watch, introduced in 1933 by the Westclox division of the General Time Instruments Corporation, offered the busy modern woman a portable, fashionable and discreet way to manage her time. [1] An alternative to wearing a wristwatch and about the size of a man’s pocket watch, this timepiece was large enough to be easily found...
Design [R]evolutions: Art Deco to Streamline
[Partial video available only due to recording issues] In the rush toward modernity after the 1925 Paris Exposition, architectural and domestic metalwork gained prominence in the public eye, exemplifying the "art deco" mode. Using examples from Cooper-Hewitt's collection, curator and art historian Jewel Stern will examine the stylistic transition in metalwork during the late 1920s...