Side-by-side posters with oval portraits of male military personnel in uniform.
To Die For: Posters Against Homophobic Violence, 1993
The tragic murder of Allen R. Schindler inspired Marlene McCarty and Donald Moffet to take a stand against anti-gay violence through graphic design.
Designing Resilience to Climate Change
Design Talk on the next generation tools of resilience and the design required to meet social, economic, and climate change challenges.
In the shadows of the Brooklyn bridge, homeless girl spray painting a yellow house onto her home, which is a box. On this box bubble letters, in black: THIS SIDE UP.
Crisis on the Lower East Side
During the 1980s, there was a severe housing crisis in New York City. The building of residential properties had declined during the economic depression of the preceding decade and the limited supply of affordable housing caused a sharp increase in homelessness. In neighbourhoods like the Lower East Side, absentee landlords permitted old buildings to fall...