Olive Green solid rectangle with the title of the book on the left hand side. Very plain, insitiutional-looking book cover.
Stitch Guide
A listing of the various needlework stitches found on the embroidered samplers in the collection of the museum.
a repeating geometric pattern of gray, white and orange lines, stars and circles.
Wallpaper in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
An illustrated journey through decades of wallpaper design, and the cultural norms and notions that fueled their fluctuating popularity.
a colorful, repeating floral pattern
Printed textiles 1760-1860 in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
It wasn't until colonial trading companies brought back masterfully printed textiles from India that Europeans became enthusiastic about printed cottons.
an ovaloid negative space inside a black circle, surrounded by a large circle of radiating lines.
Tsuba and Japanese sword fittings
No nation on Earth has expended such energy on the production of swords as has Japan, and none has ever approached the remarkable results of that effort.
an embroidered sampler with several scenes of animals and people interacting surrounded by a thick green border.
Embroidered samplers in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
An illustrated tour of embroidered samplers, an emblem of folk tradition, girlhood, and domesticity in pre-industrial times.
a glass orb with organic textured forms, looks a bit like a repeating pattern of scarabs but it's hard to tell, on the surface, dimly glowing red, almost like a human heart, set against a black backdrop
Glass in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
With exemplary pieces from ancient Rome up through Tiffany, the museum's glass collection is eclectic and vast.
A highly detailed black and white drawing of an ornate freestanding arch in an empty landscape
Crosscurrents : French and Italian neoclassicial drawings and prints
Highlights from the museum's enormous collection of neoclassical drawings and prints, mapping the origins of modern design.
Images of about 15 small boxes in different shapes (sea turtle, book, pig, rectangle, oval) and colors on an olive background.
Matchsafes in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
Protective containers for carrying matches enjoyed tremendous popularity in the days before matchbooks and lighters.
Image of an oval-shaped, painted box beside a colorful paper shopping bag.
Bandboxes and Shopping Bags
A look at the objects used for casually carrying one's belongings.