Featured Image: Nanobionic Plant Project: Ambient Illumination, 2016–ongoing; Michael Strano (American, b. 1975), Seon-Yeong Kwak (Korean, b. 1983), and Pavlo Gordiichuk (Ukrainian, b. 1986), MIT Chemical Engineering (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, founded 1888) and Sheila Kennedy (American, b. 1959), Ben Widger (American, b. 1984), Anne Graziano (American, b. 1993), Jeffrey Landman (United Kingdom, b. 1988), Karaghen Hudson (American, b. 1995), Zain Karsan (Canadian, b. 1991), and Patrick Weber (German, b. 1994), MIT Architecture (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, founded 1932), KVA (Boston, Massachusetts, USA, founded 1990); Nanobionic watercress plants; Dimensions variable; Courtesy of MIT Professor S. Kennedy & Professor M. Strano Research Groups

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