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Cropped promotional poster for 'Pacific Wave' at Museo Fortung in Venice. Layering of irregular, flowing shapes with holes like surface of Swiss cheese in hot pink at top half and black at bottom half. At top “Pacific Wave” (in white) in ascending diagonal on pink background and same text repeated below in descending diagonal on black background. Border in shape of right triangle along top edge in color gradation from yellow at top to orange and then red. One and half inch border with same color gradation along right edge except near bottom with same color gradation. Large rectangle at center to right edge layered on top with image of galaxy with shape of Milky Way (in white) and universe (in maroon, yellow, blue). Another small box superimposed with black with irregular shaped holes like Swiss cheese. Vertical pink box along right side of box with image of galaxy.
Wed. April 28, 2021
5:00pm to 6:00pm
Pioneering transmedia designer April Greiman has pushed graphic design into new dimensions, from the built environment to augmented reality (AR). Greiman’s designs are among the first digital graphics ever made, and her innovative use of advanced digital technology has made her a leader in the design world. She actively challenges interdisciplinary boundaries, investigating the parallels and intersections between art and design in all aspects of her work.  In this talk, Greiman will speak about her career with Ellen Lupton, Senior Curator of Contemporary Design. An audience Q&A will follow.  .
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Virtual Program