Teacher Resources

Design has the power to effect change. On this page, find resources to use in your classroom to empower students through design to view the world optimistically and to apply design literacy to their everyday lives.

Self-Guided Field Trip Video

Not able to join us for a virtual Design Field Trip? No problem. Our online self-guided Design Field Trips provide the perfect STEAM connection. Explore the effects of climate change and empower students to take action in their home, school or community.

Self-Guided Design Field Trip: Tropical Researchers

Engage in a self-guided Design Field Trip in collaboration with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to explore how designers use nature to solve complex problems around us.

Self-Guided Design Field Trip: Design + Climate Change

In this self-guided Design Field Trip, students explore climate change through a hands-on design challenge where they will learn how they can take action for the environment in their own community.

Self-Guided Field Trip Video

Design at Home is Cooper Hewitt’s video series of educator led lessons that explore design through Cooper Hewitt’s collection and hands-on activities.

Lesson Plans + Activities

Design It Yourself: Practice Design Observation
Practice observation, used in design, art, and science. Recommended for grades K–3.

Design It Yourself: Design a Poster
Use elements such as color, line, and composition to design a poster. Recommended for grades K–12.

Design It Yourself: Design a Green Roof
Design a green roof or roof garden that will help keep a city or building cool during the summer months.

Smithsonian Learning Lab
Want more design for your classroom? Cooper Hewitt has hundreds of design learning resources on Smithsonian’s Learning Lab platform.

Design Activity Book

Design is all around us! Engage in a fun, interactive introduction to design through storytelling as we follow 13-year-old Sofia through her hometown. From graphic design to transportation design, students will tackle hands-on, design challenges that explore a range of design disciplines. Design Around Town is available in English and Spanish.