Target Design K-12: What is Design? Video Playlist

These videos are also accessible on YouTube and are provided here for those educators with YouTube restrictions.

Introducing the program

Ready, Set, Design

This quick group activity introduces design thinking. Working in small groups, participants think with their hands to get innovative ideas flowing.

What is Design?

Bill Moggridge, Director of Cooper-Hewitt, addresses K-12 teachers with an overview of the different fields of design while explaining the benefits and applications of design thinking in schools.

How and Why Things Work

Ellen Lupton, Curator of Contemporary Design at Cooper-Hewitt, explores objects from the past and present, demonstrating how good design can solve everyday problems.

Learning By Design

Design educator Meredith Davis describes design-based education and provides examples of how it can be used in the classroom to meet local and state standards. She also presents evidence from various studies demonstrating the success of design-based education in meeting education goals and engaging students.

Cooper Hewitt Visits Smart Design

The Cooper Hewitt has recently acquired several original prototypes and drawings used to develop OXO's Good Grips product line. Watch this video to learn more about the story behind the objects.

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