Offering creative, alternative approaches to confronting textile waste, Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse presents the work of three designers who put sustainability at the heart of the design process: Luisa Cevese, founder of Riedzioni in Milan; Christina Kim, founder of dosa, inc., in Los Angeles; and Reiko Sudo, managing director at NUNO in Tokyo. Each designer’s practice involves innovative and sophisticated reuse of textile materials and resources, while engaging in preservation of local craft traditions. Through more than forty works, the exhibition explores key facets of sustainability, such as the efficient use of materials and resources, the preservation of local craft traditions and the integration of new technologies in the recycling process.


Exhibition Highlights



A poetic transformation of industrial waste
From the archives, a past collaboration of design firm Nendo and designer Issey Miyake.
Three Dimensions of Plastic Upcycling
An Issey Miyake collection uses textiles made from recycled plastic bottles.
I Can Weave with Anything
Designer Suzanne Tick turns trash into textile treasures.
No-waste Cotton Cape
Japanese resourcefulness embodied in a nineteenth-century cloak.
Reclaiming Paper and Textiles
A wall paper made of recycled newspaper and nylon.
A Textile Collage
Designed by Reiko Sudo, one of Japan's most important contemporary textile designers.
Green Glossary: A for Artisanal
What the term means in the 21st-century.
Small square sampler with nine squares of pattern darning in dark red, blue, yellow, and green, centered with an embroidered crown and the inscription A.H.L. Anno 1723, on tan linen fabric.
Darning Sampler
When we talk about sustainability, why don't we talk about mending?
Life of a Jamdani
How textiles for saris are made and remade.