Author: raehana

Video capture of decommissioned Cooper-Hewitt Set In Style Facebook App (2011)
As a part of Cooper-Hewitt's Set In Style exhibition (2011) the museum commissioned a Facebook App that allowed users to place jewelry from the exhibition onto their Facebook photos. The Facebook App was built by Kettle.
Shack/Slum Dwellers International_CITIES exhibition
2011. Courtesy of SDI. Shack/Slum Dwellers International is pioneering a set of tools to build more inclusive cities through redevelopment and upgrades.
Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks_CITIES exhibition
2011. Designer/Editor: Ms. Liz Granger. Courtesy: Technology for Tomorrow Ltd. Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSB), an affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to fired bricks, are made from soil stabilized with 5% cement, compressed in manually operated machines, and dried in the sun.
Text to Change_CITIES exhibition
2011. Editor: Bas Hoefman. Courtesy of Text to Change. Text to Change partners with national governments, United Nations agencies, mobile-communication providers, for-profit companies, and NGOs to design free, accessible health, education, economic-development, and transparency programs that aim to effect change through customized information and services.
Cooper-Hewitt: Medellín- Design Transformation
Join us for a unique discussion of Medellín, Columbia's transformation from one of the most violent cities in the world to a vital community whose new architecture carries the powerful message of social and educational inclusion. "Our most beautiful buildings must be in our poorest areas": these are the words of former mayor of Medellin,...
Medellín Metrocable and Northeast Integral Urban Project CITIES exhibition
2010. Editors: Juan Osorio Salas, Telemedellín, Universidad EAFIT–Medellín, Colombia, Urbam Medellín, Center for Urban and Environmental Studies, EAFIT. Courtesy of editors. New public transportation and elevated cable cars, coupled with the design of social and physical interventions through the Integral Urban Project, have successfully transformed Medellín into an inclusive city for all of its residents.
Platform of Hope (Ashar Macha)_CITIES exhibition
2010. Editor: Quamrul Hasan. Courtesy of Quamrul Hasan. Dhaka is projected to become the second largest city in the world by 2015. The Platform of Hope stands in stark contrast to the constant threat of eviction faced by Korail residents, and reflects their desire and ability to improve their dense settlement.
Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit System_CITIES exhibition
2010. Director/editor: Brian McAllister. Courtesy of: Institute for Transportation & Development Policy. Guangzhou Bus Rapid Transit (GBRT) is a sustainable high-capacity transportation system that saves its passengers 32 million hours of commuting time a year by using infrastructure improvements such as dedicated bus lanes, intermodal integration with subway lines, a bike-sharing system, pre-ticketing smart card,...
Project Masiluleke_CITIES exhibition
2008. Designer/editor: frog. Courtesy of frog. South Africa has more HIV-positive citizens than any country in the world. Project Masiluleke (meaning "hope" and "warm counsel" in Zulu) uses mobile technology to raise awareness, encourage testing, and guide people into care.