Author: Kristina Parsons

Profile of a nude woman's lower body--legs, buttocks, and lower back--in white. Dark orange border creates optical illusion of glass by distorting legs where it overlaps them. Background within border is lighter orange. Red text, lower left: Big Nudes; lower left: Visual Arts Gallery / 209 East 23rd Street / New York City.
Pushing Beyond the Frame
This poster, entitled Big Nudes, was originally displayed in 1967 at the School of Visual Arts Gallery in Gramercy to announce an exhibition of large nude paintings. This poster is the work of American graphic designer and illustrator Milton Glaser. Glaser has designed more than 400 posters, record-covers, illustrations, magazine covers and advertisements throughout his...
Print of a carriage drawing
A carriage fit for an Earl
Roger Palmer, the first Earl of Castlemaine, was an English writer, diplomat and courtier who sat in the House of Commons. Palmer was a devout Roman Catholic and a staunch supporter of the Stuart Monarchy. Palmer’s loyalty was so committed that he even  acquiesced to the appointment of his wife, Barbara Villiers as Charles II’s...
Textile Design of Petunias, Honeysuckle, and Berries
Natural Beauty
At the time of Alphonse Mucha’s birth in present day Czech Republic, the struggle for independence from the Hapsburg Empire was reaching a boiling point. The people in this region had a strong nationalist consciousness and were fighting for greater political and cultural freedom. The heavily political atmosphere in which Mucha grew up continued to...
psychedelic poster with words canned heart
Psychedlic Promotion
The Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco was “ground zero” for the counterculture revolution of the 1960s. The so-called psychedelic subculture that emerged in the Haight explored new possibilities in art and living that stemmed from a desire to remake American culture. The artistic endeavors of this community, be it poetry, theater, dance or music, were expressed...
poster for kanax with marble columns and statues
A Mystical Advertisment
Tadanori Yokoo’s designs are the result of an effortless combination of eclectic visual motifs from across time and borders. In this poster for Kanox, a Japanese production company involved with television, film radio, stage and commercial advertising, Yokoo juxtaposes classical architecture from an Italian Renaissance villa with a surrealist galaxy filled with brightly colored celestial...
At the base of some stone building fragments, there is an arrangement of a dead lobster and a group of fish beneath a large fish and an eel dangling from a string affixed via a nail to the remains of the ruined wall. A live parrot, seen from the back, head turned in profile, is perched on a nearby stone at the upper left (above the marine still-life); plants, at right.
Original Copy
Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s renown for still-lifes and hunting scenes can be traced back to an enthusiastic review at the annual Exposition de la Jeunesse that was held on the feast of Corpus Christi in the Palace Dauphine, Paris in the early 1720s. His depictions of the spoils of the hunt were impressive not only for their...