Author: Megan Elevado

Picture of Sampler, 1810, Netherlands, embroidered
Symbols of Faith
Griet Ruwen’s sampler shows how deeply ingrained faith and religion were in daily Dutch culture in the early 19th century. Even as she practiced her needlework, Griet expressed piety and religious devotion through symbolism. Below the crowns and initials are two angels holding a wreath of roses, which represents eternity. The wreath encircles a dove,...
Length of woven wool with columns of fine vertical lines broken by rows of inverted triangles and heart-like shapes in beige with touches of pale green on a black ground (faded to dark brown in some areas).
Josef Hoffmann’s Notschrei
Today, the words “asylum” and “sanatorium” conjure mental images of patients in white gowns sitting in cold, sparsely furnished, whitewashed rooms with faded checkerboard linoleum flooring. Knowing the dismal associations with these interiors, it may be surprising to learn that Josef Hoffmann’s textile, Notschrei, was one element of the holistically conceived décor for a sanatorium....
"Toile" style pattern in blues on a white ground; the scenes are of the contemporary life and architecture of London.
From Romantic to Raw: Toile Transformed
When paging through interior design magazines, classic toiles of red or blue on white are used to create a relaxed, yet refined country house look. A room decorated using toile, for a wallpapered accent wall or for a carefully upholstered suite of sofa and chairs, often projects a lady-like atmosphere and is intentionally nostalgic for...
balloon print
Balloon Mania
On August 27, 1783, the skies above the French commune of Gonesse were briefly darkened by a floating figure. The peasants, filled with fear by the unusual sight, shot down the hovering object and attacked it with pitchforks because they believed it was a monster. The “monster” was actually a hot air balloon. This scene...