Sarah and Eleanor Hewitt often hosted parties for friends and charitable events and today they need your help during your visit to the mansion! In anticipation of your visit, their grandfather, Peter J. Cooper, gave them a list of six clues to find garden-related objects across Duro Olowu Selects (Selects gallery, first floor) and Botanical Expressions (room 206, second floor). The Hewitt sisters are planning a spring soiree. Can you help them find these not-so-garden-variety collection objects?

Begin in Duro Olowu Selects or work backwards from Botanical Expressions on the second floor. Three answers are hidden in each exhibition*

  1. My pattern makes me hard to find in a jungle or garden, but that’s the idea!
  2. All the planets revolve around me and I, too, revolve.
  3. Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes…sleepily.
  4. A graphic form resembling the capital letter A made up of shapes similar to flower petals and stems.You might mistake my silhouette for a stylized letter ‘A’ and while I’m printed in a book, I am no letterĀ 
  5. Stop and smell this very small flower…if you haveĀ time.
  6. Like a small pond of silver, good for passed hors d’oeuvres.

*Follow the hyperlinks for answers.

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