Religious and cultural intolerance are a widespread problem that only serve to create tension among communities. Our group observed this within our neighborhoods and identified the problem as a lack of education. Those that face this issue may be subject to bullying or violence because of this absence of understanding. Since intolerance is typically a product of ignorance, our idea is a package including a children’s book, a stuffed animal, and recipe cards that promote discussions about culture within families. Once you receive the preliminary package, you would then be given a pamphlet with information about a new character seasonally. By providing information about different cultures, we can foster an environment of inclusion. Implementing this idea with children ensures that they carry this thoughtfulness into adulthood. For more accessibility, our package will be available not only to parents, but also in schools and libraries.

Featured Image: Maile Gaines, grade 11, and Mindy Preston, grade 11, Communications High School, Wall Township, NJ, Teacher: Shelley Ortner