Cooper Hewitt is dedicated to making our collection available to everyone interested in the power of design. In 2016, over 200,000 objects were digitized for the public to explore and even download from anywhere in the world. We invite you to browse the collection using various features of the Cooper Hewitt Collection homepage to find design history treasures in a digital scavenger hunt. Getting lost among the centuries of design objects is encouraged!

Begin the Scavenger Hunt on the Cooper Hewitt Collection Homepage

1. What McCall’s Pattern from the Willi Smith: Street Couture exhibition is part of our permanent collection?

Did you know collection objects that appear in current and past exhibitions are grouped into dedicated web pages?

Hint: Explore the Collection > Exhibitions

2. Which collection data tag has the highest object count?

Did you know you can search collection objects by tags? The collection has roughly 3,681 unique tags attached to objects in our collection, describing subject matter and object characteristics.

Hint: Explore the Collection > Tags > Ascending Order by Object Count

3. Initially released in 2001, this object changed the way we listened to music, fitting hundreds of songs in your pocket. Can you find the materials used to make this objectーotherwise known as its medium?

Flat rectangular handheld device with wheel in center and buttons forming the edge of the wheel.

4. There are 10,018 wallcovering objects in Cooper Hewitt’s collection. What percentage of the online collection is in the Wallcoverings Department?

Did you know Cooper Hewitt’s design collection is divided into four departments: Textiles; Wallcoverings; Product Design and Decorative Arts; and Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design?

Hint: Explore the Collection > Department

5. What is the name of the floral textile design by Franz von Zülow 1910 -12?

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  1. MCCALL’S PATTERN 3033, 1984

  2. “INTERIOR” – there are 634 objects with this tag.

  3. THE IPOD DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYER, 2001 is made of plastic, polycarbonate, stainless steel

  4. 4.60%



Questions provided by Miguel Santiago, Visitor Experience Associate

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