In this Russian-designed poster for the German film ‘The Boxer’s Bride,’ the disembodied faces of a man and a woman smile out at the viewer from a black background, hovering above a stylized boxing ring. Their heads are enveloped in concentric circles, to give the impression of their presence as an apparition. In the boxing ring below, two fighters spar on a vibrant red floor, the white perimeter of the ring cutting rectangular outline, which appears as a stack of three suspended squares. Below, in blocky black letters on yellow, the title of the film in Russian. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.

A yellow border surrounds a central pane showing a boxing ring with the outlines of two figures, apparently sparring, above a red parallelogram, indicating the floor. Above, two photorealistic faces smile, colored in with apricot skin and orange hair.

Featured Image: Poster, Nevesta Boksera (The Boxer's Bride), 1929; Georgii Augustovich Stenberg (Russian, 1900–1933) and Vladimir Augustovich Stenberg (Russian, 1899–1982); Lithograph on paper backed with Japan paper; 93.2 × 70.8 cm (36 11/16 × 27 7/8 in.); Gift of Merrill C. Berman; 2018-39-13