Featured Image: Poster, Hydrodynamics, L’Atome au Service de la Paix (Atoms for Peace), 1955; Designed by Erik Nitsche (Swiss, 1908–1998) for General Dynamics Corporation (Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.); Offset lithograph on paper mounted on canvas; Gift of Arthur Cohen and Daryl Otte in memory of Bill Moggridge, 2013-42-9. Save Our Earth, 2009; Designed by Joanna Aizenberg (Russian, b. 1960) and Wim Noorduin (Dutch, b. 1980); Synthetic cilia demonstrating the principle of self-assembly around a spherical nanosphere and illustrated through scanning electron micrograph with false color; Each synthetic cilium is approximately the size of a naturally occurring cilium (200 nanometers in diameter); Courtesy of Aizenberg Lab and Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.