Henry Muñoz III - Summer Design Institute 2006 pt.3

Monday June 18, 2012Henry Muñoz on the various cultural influences that make up the architecture and communities of Texas.Henry Muñoz III, Texas, San Antonio, Architecture, Neighborhoods, education, Summer Design Institute, Texas regionalism

Bill's Design Talks: Walter Hood

Monday June 18, 2012

Walter Hood, a landscape architect, professor, and author, has been praised as a "community whisperer, creating spaces that have elements the residents want before they even know it." His inclusive and innovative designs transform overlooked sites like street corners and highway underpasses into vital gathering spaces. Hs approach puts community members at the center of the design process, instead of treating them as an afterthought.

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DesignPrep: Todd Oldham Workshops

Friday May 18, 2012

DesignPrep Scholars joined renowned designer Todd Oldham for a 3-part workshop to transform the new Cooper-Hewitt, Design Center into a vibrant place.

designprep, tod oldham