2011 Business of Design: Raj Patel - Design breeds design

Monday June 18, 2012Raj Patel, Arup, Business of Design, 2011

2011 Business of Design: Raj Patel - Design's place around infrastructure

Monday June 18, 2012Raj Patel, Arup, Business of Design, 2011

2011 Business of Design: Raj Patel - A trend in consumerism?

Monday June 18, 2012Raj Patel, Arup, Business of Design, 2011

Bill's Design Talks: A Tribute to Eva Zeisel

Monday June 18, 2012

Eva Zeisel was an industrial designer, ceramic artist, writer, and force of nature. During her extraordinary career, which spanned nine decades, she produced highly recognizable domestic items that changed the way Americans set their tables and furnished their homes. Zeisel was widely regarded as a master of modern design, creating objects that were beautiful as well as useful. She often said that her work was the "playful search for beauty."

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Bill's Design Talks: Robert Wong, Google CreativeLab

Monday June 18, 2012

Robert Wong talks about his work and life as Chief Creative Officer of Google CreativeLab in New York. Originally from Hong Kong, he lived in the Netherlands, learned to be an accountant in Canada, and suddenly converted to graphic design. From that moment forward, his influence on design and media has been profound.

Featured projects: 

Robert Wong, Google CreativeLab, graphic design, bills design talks, talk, long, public program

4 Questions 4: Kevin Palmer

Monday June 18, 2012Kevin Palmer, founding partner of Kin Design, recently stopped by Cooper-Hewitt for a chat. Seated in the beautiful North Reading Room of the National Design Library, we asked him four questions about starting his business, designing for the museum context, and a new definition of craftsmanship for digital designs.Kevin Palmer, Designer, Kin Design, Interaction Design, 4 Questions 4, Interview

Bill's Design Talks: Helen Walters, with Fiona Morrisson and Beth Viner

Monday June 18, 2012

Helen Walters is a writer, editor, and researcher at Doblin, whose writing has garnered her a loyal following on and offline. She writes about creativity and design for numerous publications and is a contributing editor at Creative Review magazine. Her blog, Thought You Should See This, gathers "stories, moments, and ideas of interest from within the world of innovation and design." In addition to her writing, Helen speaks about the business of design at conferences around the world.

Helen Walters, Writer/Editor, Thought You Should See This blog, Doblin, Fiona Morrison, Beth Viner, bills design talks, panel, talk, long, public program

Bill's Design Talks: Emily Oberman

Monday June 18, 2012

Emily Oberman started the design studio, Number Seventeen, in 1993 with Bonnie Siegler and developed a flourishing practice working in print, television, and online media. Emily believes that the idea is the most important part of the design process, but also adds her unique blend of creative design and inventive panache. Join Emily and Cooper-Hewitt's Director, Bill Moggridge, as they discuss Emily's work and life as a designer and her decision to join Pentagram.

Emily Oberman, Designer, Number 17, Pentagram, bills design talks, talk, long, public program

Bill's Design Talks: Annabelle Selldorf

Monday June 18, 2012

Annabelle Selldorf established her practice in New York in 1988, and has acquired an international reputation for work that is sensitive to context, thoughtful in execution, and timeless. Her designs garner high praise for their subtlety and melding of Modernism with exquisite—but not precious—detail. Her current project, the Sunset Park Material Recycling Facility, is eagerly anticipated by critics and community members alike.

Annabelle Selldorf, architect, Gallery and Exhibition spaces, Neue Galerie, Sunset Park Recycling Facility, bills design talks, talk, long, public program

Design [R]evolutions: False Bottoms and Secret Compartments

Monday June 18, 2012In the second of the Enid and Lester Morse Historic Design lecture series, Dr. Carolyn Sargentson will be lecturing on the theme of secrecy in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Paris, looking at the role of locksmiths in protecting the affairs of the heart, the home, and of politics, and revealing some of their strategies for developing the perfect high-performance lock. Our use of keys, whether unlocking a building or a computer, is second nature, yet we rarely think about the technical challenges involved in concealing the best-kept secrets of the past.Design [R}evolutions, Lecture, Enid and Lester Historic Design Lecture series, Dr. Carolyn Sargentson, secrecy in 17th- and 18th century Paris, locks, keys, secret compartments, talk, long, public program