Cooper-Hewitt: Groundbreaking- The Past as Inspiration

Thursday June 21, 2012Giovanni Battista Piranesi, an eighteenth-century designer of architecture, elaborate Interiors and exquisite furnishings, boldly combined historical elements to create innovative designs that still resonate today. Cooper-Hewitt invites a panel of designers to discuss how, like Piranesi, their imaginative and often irreverent use of historical motifs invigorates contemporary design. This panel features: Anna Sui, Fashion Designer; Bill Diamond, Interior Designer, Diamond + Baratta; Tony Baratta, Interior Designer, Diamond + Baratta; Piranesi, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, architect, Designer, interiors, furnishings, Anna Sui, Bill Diamond, Tony Baratta, Jessica Smith, Ellen Lupton, historical motifs, inspiration, contemporary design, Piranesi as Designer, Exhibition, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Finding Design Solutions

Thursday June 21, 2012Designers Sergio Palleroni and Bryan Bell discuss the relevance and potential for design to solve critical issues in the world. They describe projects being executed internationally with their college students to foster civic environmentalism and address issues such as hunger, community, and unemployment.Design Solutions, projects, Sergio Palleroni, Bryan Bell, architect, Center for Sustainable Solutions, Design Corps, civic environmentalism, issues, international, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: High School Invention Projects (Why & How)

Thursday June 21, 2012Joshua Schuler, Executive Director of the Lemelson-MIT Program, describes the twenty-first-century thinking skills used in the invention process and explains how that process is used throughout high schools in the United States by the InvenTeams program.High School Invention Project, Joshua Schuler, Lemelson-MIT Program, high schools, InVen teams, invention, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Heath Ceramics and American Pottery

Thursday June 21, 2012In conjunction with a celebration marking the 60th anniversary of Heath Ceramics noted author and ceramic arts historian Garth Clark lectures on the early California pottery movement, its significance and its future through historic potteries. Design critic and author Amos Klausner introduces his new book HEATH CERAMICS: THE COMPLEXITY OF SIMPLICITY, (Chronicle Books) and leads a discussion with Clark and Heath Ceramics owners Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey.Heath ceramics, pottery, American, California, Garth Clark, Amos Klausner, Clark and Heath Ceramics, Robin Petravic, Catherine Bailey, Edith Heath, dinnerware, tiles, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Rococo, The Continuing Curve

Thursday June 21, 2012From its inception, exuberant, organic, and sensuous rococo style has inspired subsequent revivals and new movements. As rococo's influence once again gains momentum, Cooper-Hewitt invites scholars Laura Auricchio and Paul Greenhalgh to discuss the social and cultural histories behind rococo in eighteenth-century France and its revival in Art Nouveau at the end of the nineteenth century.rococo, continuing curve, Exhibition, 18th century, France, 19th century, revival, Art Nouveau, Laura Auricchio, Paul Greenhalgh, gail davidson, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: 2008 Teen Design Fair with Tim Gunn

Thursday June 21, 2012Tim Gunn addresses New York City students on preparing for a career in design.Teen Design Fair, 2008, New York City, NYC, Teens, Tim Gunn, career fair, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Designing the Modern Kids' Rooms with Cookie Magazine (Pt2 of 2)

Thursday June 21, 2012Cookie Magazine, the stylish parenting magazine for the new mom and dad, fills its pages and website with gorgeous, fanciful, and delightful examples of kids’ rooms. Join Cookie Home Editor, Kiera Coffee, for a presentation by selected kids’ room designers including Adam Weintraub and Mishi Hosono from KOKO Architecture, Jennifer Ward from MINOR DETAILS, and Jan Eleni from Jan Eleni Interiors. Pick up some fun ideas and things to try in your kids’ room today!Cookie magazine, parenting, kids rooms, Kiera Coffee, editor, Adam Weintraub, Mishi Hosono, KOKO Architecture, architect, Jennifer Ward, MINOR DETAILS, Designer, interior design, Jan Eleni, Jan Eleni Interiors, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Summer Design Institute 2008 – Design Challenge Workshop

Thursday June 21, 2012Educators who participated in the 2008 Summer Design Institute are lead through the design process by Sandy Speicher, Practice Lead, Transformation, of IDEO to answer the question, “how might we improve the getting to work experience?”Summer Design Institute, 2008, Sandy Speicher, IDEO, design education, education, educators, Workshop, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: 2008 National Design Awards Winners' Panel

Thursday June 21, 2012Michael Bierut, this year's winner of the Design Mind award, discusses the state of contemporary design with our National Design Awards winners: Tom Kundig, FAIA; Scott Stowell (OPEN); Ralph Rucci; Lucinda Sanders (OLIN); and Charles Harrison.National Design Awards, 2008, Winners Panel, contemporary design, Michael Bierut, Pentagram, Tom Kundig, Olson Kundig Architects, Scott Stowell, Open, Ralph Rucci, Lucinda Sanders, Olin, Charles Harrison, Architecture, Industrial Design, fashion, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: The Interiors of Charles Rohlfs - Joseph Cunningham

Wednesday June 20, 2012Charles Rohlfs (1853-1936) ranks as among the most innovative furniture makers from the period around 1900. Praised by the international press and exhibited in the United States and Europe, his exquisite designs reflect a unique mix of styles, including the Aesthetic Movement, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and proto-modernism. Despite the fame of his work and his prominence in nearly all American museum collections of decorative arts, Rohlfs’s interiors and commissions have never before been explored.Charles Rohlfs, furniture maker, Joseph Cunningham, interiors, interior design, 20th century, The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs, survey, talk, long, public program