Object of the Month: Newsworthy

Newsworthy combines age-old techniques with the modern notion of recycling. Woven on handlooms using the same technique as traditional grasscloth, the wallpaper is composed of 100% recycled newspaper and nylon filament.
Object of the Month, wallpaper

Look Again

When the Hewitt sisters—Peter Cooper’s granddaughters—founded this museum in 1877, their hope was to make its design collections available for education and inspiration. This exhibition showcases nearly 500 new items from the permanent collection, including wallpaper, pottery, furniture, drawings, prints, jewelry, oil paintings, and decorative objects.  Sponsored in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.
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Wallpaper from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection

This exhibition of wallpaper designs from the permanent collection traces the development of production skills from the early seventeenth century to the present. The techniques used to print the wallpapers are carefully explained in this showing.
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Gardens of Delight

In celebration of summer, two floors of the Museum are devoted to a major exhibition on horticulture and its many reflections in art. Apart from a number of important loans, the show is drawn primarily from the Museum's permanent collection. Nearly 500 decorative objects, furnishings, paintings, prints, drawings, books, and textiles with floral motifs are included. The museum's conservatory and garden are specially planted for the occasion.
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The Column: Structure and Ornament

Columns are shown in drawings, prints, rare books, photographs, wallpapers, textiles, and decorative objects from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s permanent collection. Tuscan, Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns have been used by architects for structural support as well as decoration through the ages, dating to the fourth century B.C. Napoleon’s column in the Place Vendôme, Nelson’s column in Trafalger Square in London, and contemporary uses of this structure are included in the exhibition.
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From Background to Foreground: Looking at an 18th-century Wallpaper

The centerpiece of this exhibition is a late-eighteenth-century French arabesque-patterned wallpaper, printed by Jean-Baptiste Réveillon,  "Manufacture Royale" under Louis XVI. The Réveillon wallpaper, discovered by Sarah and Eleanor Hewitt in 1900, is part of the Museum's permanent collection of wallcoverings—the largest collection of its kind in the United States.
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Design for Life: A Centennial Celebration

This exhibition features works designed for daily life, and is comprised of selections from the Museum's permanent collection, chosen by the graphic designer, Stephen Doyle, and the architect, Leslie Gail. The diverse objects include an Eames chair, a red and white Soviet chess set, and a toothbrush. 
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Rooms with a View: Landscape and Wallpaper

This exhibition features 90 selections of wallpaper—from the 18th to the 20th century—that document changing attitudes toward nature. The exhibition focuses on wallpaper production and use especially during the 19th century, when landscape in art was a metaphor for spiritual and national aspirations. Prior to 1840, wallpaper was block-printed and too costly for middle-class consumption. Machine printing made wallpaper accessible in the latter part of the 19th century, both in Europe and America.
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Nancy and Edwin Marks Collection Gallery: Treasures from the Collection

The inaugural exhibition in the Nancy and Edwin Marks Collection Gallery examines the range of the Museum’s collection, which spans 23 centuries and five continents.
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Artist's Designed Wallpapers

This exhibition features wallcoverings designed by leading 20th century artists.
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