Thaw Collection

Design for a Smoking Room

In honor of the opening of Romantic Interiors, 19th Century Watercolor Interiors from the Thaw Collection at the Beijing World Art Museum today in China, Cooper-Hewitt is featuring one of the most recent gifts from Eugene and Clare Thaw to the Museum.
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Cooper-Hewitt: House Proud - Revealing Interiors

As documents of domestic life, the watercolors featured in House Proud celebrate nineteenth-century interiors and the designers that conceived of them. Cooper-Hewitt invites contemporary designers Hermes Mallea, Carey Maloney, Mitchell Owen, and Thomas Jayne to join exhibition curator Gail Davidson for a roundtable discussion on residential interior design, historic restorations, design promotion, and the role of the interior space as a source of pride, convenience, personal status, and presentation then and now. Participants Hermes Mallea, M (Group) Carey Maloney, M (Group)
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