Cooper-Hewitt: Designing the Modern Kids' Rooms with Cookie Magazine (Pt1 of 2)

Cookie Magazine, the stylish parenting magazine for the new mom and dad, fills its pages and website with gorgeous, fanciful, and delightful examples of kids’ rooms. Join Cookie Home Editor, Kiera Coffee, for a presentation by selected kids’ room designers including Adam Weintraub and Mishi Hosono from KOKO Architecture, Jennifer Ward from MINOR DETAILS, and Jan Eleni from Jan Eleni Interiors. Pick up some fun ideas and things to try in your kids’ room today!
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Cooper-Hewitt: Business of Design 2008

A morning panel moderated by Bruce Nussbaum of BusinessWeek discusses community and co-creation. This panel will explore what happens when consumers become producers and ask what impact this shift will have on the future global success of corporations. Panelists: Bob Greenberg, R/GA Marissa Mayer, Google, Inc. Amy Radin, Citi
Business of Design, 2008, community, co-creation, consumers, producers, Bruce Nussbaum, Business Week, Bob Greenberg, R/GA, Marissa Mayer, Google, Amy Radin, Citi, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Crossing Boundaries - The Transmission of Rococo

During its first wave of influence, the sinuous and sensuous curves of rococo rapidly spread across France, Holland, and Germany,developing a unique personality in each location. Cooper-Hewitt invites curators Henry Hawley, Reinier Baarsen, and Wolfram Koeppe to a panel discussion that examines the diaspora of rococo during the eighteenth century, and the regional differences in its expression.
Crossing Boundaries, rococo, transmission, France, Holland, Germany, Henry Hawley, Reinier Baarsen, Wolfram Koeppe, curator, diaspora, 18th century, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Design Du Jour, the End of the Plate? - Panel Discussion

Katsuya Fukushima (minibar, Washington, DC), Homaro Cantu (Moto, Chicago), and Grant Achatz and designer Martin Kastner (Alinea, Chicago) discuss experimentation and iconoclastic new ways of presenting food. Moderator: Darra Goldstein, co-curator, Feeding Desire
Design Du Jour, Grant Achatz, chef, Alinea, Chicago, Katsuya Fukushima, Minibar, Washington DC, Homaru Cantu, Moto, Martin Kastner, Designer, Darra Goldstein, Feeding Desire, food presentation, experimentation, alternatives, iconoclast, panel, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Design Du Jour - Grant Achatz and Martin Kastner

Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea in Chicago, IL and designer/sculptor Martin Kastner discuss experimentation and iconoclastic new ways of presenting food.
Grant Achatz, chef, Alinea, Chicago, Martin Kastner, Designer, sculptor, food presentation, experimentation, iconoclast, Design Du Jour, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: 2008 National Design Awards - Jury Panel

Members of the 2008 National Design Awards jury discuss the selection process and reveal this year's winners and finalists. The Jury Panel brings together a diverse group of design leaders, including: Mark Robbins, Dean, School of Architecture, Syracuse University and Raquel Tudela, Global Creative Director, Bloomberg LP
National Design Awards, nda, 2008, Jury Panel, Mark Robbins, architect, Syracuse University, Raquel Tudela, talk, long, public program

Cooper-Hewitt: Summer Design Institute 2007 - When Traditional Approaches Fail

Dr. Paul Polak, founder of International Development Enterprises and D-Rev, explores when traditional approaches to alleviating poverty fail and how more affordable alternative solutions can succeed.
Paul Polak, International Development Enterprises, IDE, D-Rev, alleviating poverty, traditional approaches, failure, alternatives, affordable, Summer Design Institute, talk, long

Sonia Delaunay and "The New Woman"

Dr. Sherry Buckberrough, Delaunay scholar and author of Sonia Delaunay: A Retrospective, will discuss Sonia Delaunay as a modern fashion and textile designer and a radical force in shaping the image of the Parisian "New Woman" of the 1920s. Buckberrough will illuminate how her designs emphatically deployed the look of modernity across two hemispheres."
Sonia Delauney, Color Moves, Exhibition, fashion, textiles, Designer, paris, 1920s, retrospective, Sherry Buckberrough, simultane, simultaneity, Susan Brown, Matilda McQuaid, talk, long

Bill's Design Talks: Nonobject—A Radical New Approach to Design

Does form always follow function? Within the world of product design, only a few lone voices challenge this convention. Among this group of visionary individuals is Branko Lukic, Founder and Principal of Nonobject Studio. Lukic's design philosophy presents an entirely new way of developing and experiencing the world of objects and our relationship with them.
Branko Lukic, Nonobject Studio, product design, nonobject, intuitive, intangible, product development, research, application, bills design talks, talk, long, public program

Bill's Design Talks: Jacqueline Novogratz

As Acumen Fund's Founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz developed the Fund's unique approach to using philanthropic capital to invest in scalable businesses that serve the poor. Her vision is that one day all human beings will have access to the critical goods and services they need—including affordable health, water, housing, energy, agricultural inputs, and services—so that they can make decisions and choices for themselves and unleash their full potential. Novogratz has led the Acumen Fund since its launch in 2001.
Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen Fund, The Blue Sweater, developing world, access, philanthropy, bills design talks, talk, long, public program