2011 National Design Awards: Fashion Design Award - J. Mendel

The 2011 Fashion Design Award goes to J. Mendel. Under the creative direction of Gilles Mendel since 1981, the fifth-generation luxury brand was established on the principles of high quality, timeless style, and craftsmanship. Using only the finest materials, Mendel is a true innovator who is renowned for manipulating fabrics in unexpected ways. The Fashion Design Award celebrates one of the most personal—and most public—forms of design expression: the clothes we wear
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Embroidery Through the Ages

The artistry and craftsmanship of embroidery from the 14th century through the 20th century is on display in this exhibition, with a focus on Western Europe. Works range from liturgical vestments, wallhangings, and linens embroidered by nuns to garments by modern designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, and Cristóbal Balenciaga.  Organized by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. 
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Fashion Prints: 125 Years of Style

The majority of the prints on exhibition were originally assembled by Vyvyan Holland, Oscar Wilde’s son and subsequently housed in the Museum's collection. The prints, which collectively present a survey of 19th- and early 20th-century fashion for men, women, and children, provide a fascinating glimpse into what was considered “proper” attire for all occasions. 
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Folding Fans from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection

Fans and related design spanning the 17th through the 20th centuries are on display. There are fans with painted leaves, fans with printed leaves, and brisé fans, which have no leaves at all. A range of influences, from gothic revival to art nouveau and beyond, are reflected in fans designed for everyday use as well those reserved for special occasions, such as for weddings or mourning, and even those prodiced as souvenirs and advertising.
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The Window Show

Fifteen participating designers chose objects from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s collections and National Design Library to decorate store windows for this off-site exhibition. 
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Aluminum by Design: Jewelry to Jets

On view are more than 100 objects that trace aluminum's first appearance in precious and fine jewelry through early modernist uses in architecture and interiors to its present and envisioned role in aeronautics and other major industries. Highlights include an ornate table centerpiece presented to Emperor Napoleon III, a Paco Rabanne mini dress from 1968, and Claire Graham's 1997 chaise longue made of recycled soda cans. On loan from the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, and will travel. Sponsored by the Alcoa Foundation with Target.
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Skin: Surface, Substance, and Design

More than 150 objects—an international mix of products, fashion, furniture, architecture, and digital media—explore the role of "skin" as outer surface and structural form. Skin is the frontier of physical contact from person to person and from person to built environment. In contemporary design, surfaces have become active, flexible interfaces that connect and contain bodies, objects, and spaces.
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New Hotels for Global Nomads

Featuring an international mix of architecture, product design, fashion, and media, this exhibition highlights a current generation of hotels that meet tourists' demands for entertainment and business travelers' needs for offices on the road.
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Students Create Unique Prints with Sena Yang

Celebrated fashion designer Sena Yang, creator of her namesake line SENA, led a two-session fashion workshop at Cooper-Hewitt for high-school students.
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Grand Slam

At our panel discussion last month about fashion, curator Dilys Blum mentioned that she likes to include catwalk videos in fashion exhibitions, since a garment in motion looks totally different from a garment on a mannequin, its folds and forms jumping to life.
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