Window shade

Window Shade

Window shades and curtain papers are one of the lesser known collecting areas of the Wallcoverings Department. This shade depicting a lace panel suspended from a carved wood cornice is a beautiful example of late-19th century window shades. The shade in printed on a heavy paper that has a chalky blue ground color applied to both sides making it very opaque.
Window shade, spring roller, lace, bouquet, tassel, trompe l'oeil

Dance, Surf and Poi: A Hawaii Shade

This is one of six window shades created for the theatre in the Hollywood Wing of Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ.  The theme of the six shades is music and dance which are all rendered in an art deco or cubist style.  Each shade contains a central figure portraying a different country or region inspired by the classic four continents theme.
Window shade, Doris Duke, Duke Farms, Hawaii, surf, poi