Tynecastle Canvas

This Tudor Rose pattern of Tynecastle Canvas is one of a very few textile wallcoverings in the Museum’s collection. Tudor Rose consists of a single repeating element, a foliage sprig with a dominant tudor rose along with several smaller flowers. This motif is tightly melded with its repeating cohorts so forms a nice all-over pattern, with no noticeable gaps or voids between motifs. With the way the plant form twists and bends the design is non-directional and would be appropriate for use on the wall as well as the ceiling.
wallcovering, linen, embossed, Tudor rose, Tynecastle, canvas

A 20th-century scenic paper

La Côte de Villefranche is a beautiful example of a 20th century scenic wallpaper. Designed in 1929, La Côte continues the theme of early 19th century scenic papers by showing villagers at work and at play in front of a majestic harbor. It contains fishing boats, tall ships and ancient ruins, elements much desired in the scenic wallpapers printed one hundred years earlier. This scenic was printed with a relatively small number of wood blocks and the height of the imagery is quite low to accommodate the lower ceiling heights of more modern structures.
scenic, wallcovering, Zuber, block print, Colonial Revival

A contemporary wallcovering in the Arts and Crafts tradition

The Oakleaf pattern caught my eye in that it is a contemporary rendering done in a very traditional manner. Its simplicity and monochromatic colorway all speak to the modern, while the vining, intertwining nature, and density of design all speak of master designers from long ago. I like seeing ideas of the past reflected in current designs. Even the handmade nature of the linoleum block-printing hark back to the Arts and Crafts period happening in the late-19th to early-20th centuries.
Marthe Armitage, contemporary, wallcovering, William Morris, england, Arts and Crafts

Little red devil

Robert Therrien is an American artist known primarily as a sculptor, but he has also worked with painting, drawing, printmaking and photography. His works contain everyday objects which he recycles and reinterprets while frequently challenging the notion of perspective.
Robert Therrien, devil, wallcovering, private commission

A manipulated image

Designed by Jocelyn Warner and sold by Blumenthal, this pattern is aptly called Step. Warner creates her designs by scanning objects into her computer and then manipulating the image to simplify their form. Her designs are very bold and printed in refreshing colors. Step is from Warner's second collection produced in the year 2000. This piece was inspired by scanning folded paper, which led to a large 3-D design put together in totem pole lengths. This is screen-printed in just one color. This design and can be installed in a number of different ways.
Jocelyn Warner, wallcovering, image, Central Saint Martins, British

Maiden & Moonflower

Maiden & Moonflower was created by Kiki Smith for an exhibition of her work at the Museum Haus Esters in Germany in 2008, and has since gone into commercial production. The scene depicts a star-filled sky, surrounding a woman standing beneath a tree bough. It addresses the spiritual and eternal aspects of human nature, and speaks of our solitary journey, all the while connected to nature.
Kiki Smith, wallcovering, screen-print

Fresco Papers

Scenic wallpapers were the epitome of block-printed wallpapers, requiring thousands of wood blocks to print a non-repeating scene that could wrap a room in a continuous landscape view. Scenic wallpapers were introduced around 1804 and remained popular as new scenes were added until the 1860s. Around the 1840s, a new style emerged that altered the scenic landscape format through the introduction of decors, also known as fresco papers.
Alpine, cow, wallcovering, fresco, decor, landscapes

Eco-friendly Wallcovering

Collecting wallcoverings that are environmentally friendly is an area of great interest to me. Whether made from renewable resources or recycled materials, I appreciate when beautiful things can be made without adding undue stress on the environment. Made from 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled materials, the V2 wall tile by MIO, a company that creates sustainable and socially responsible products, is one of the first environmentally-friendly wallcoverings I discovered.
wallcovering, tile, embossed, recycle