Some Thorny Wallpaper

I have always been drawn to this wallpaper design. It is a beautifully rendered stripe pattern created using differently-scaled photo enlargements of rose stems. The varying thickness of the stems and the color contrast create a wonderful flow to the design, and while it is a strong design it’s not too heavy. One thing I find so striking about this design is that it goes against the grain of the usual wallpaper connotations, which are welcoming, endearing, or charming. This is especially visible in the media, on movie sets, even cartoons.
wallpaper, Christine Tarkowski, rose, stems, thorn, stripe, screen print

A Whole Lot of Pattern Going On

Historically, wallpapers were rarely designed to be used alone, and wallpapers would always have been paired with at least one border. Along with the multiple patterns on the wall it was also fashionable to paper ceilings from about 1850 up into the 1950s. The use of a single wallpaper in a room, or just papering one wall, is a fairly recent notion.
wallpaper, companion, floral, stripe, pattern, Art Deco, French