Extreme Mending

When we talk about sustainability, why don’t we talk about mending? The Netherlands-based Platform 21=Repairing project and its offshoot, Repair Cafés, do just that. Platform 21=Repairing published a manifesto extolling the benefits of mending, and the Repair Cafés bring together skilled tinkerers and those with items in need of repair together in a free social space over tea and coffee.
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Threesome Rescue Wheelchair User

Yesterday our education team was hosting a professional development teacher training program with the New York City Department of Education. One of their participants came in very upset because his wheel chair had broken a block away from the museum and he was not able to be mobile without it.
facilities, museum staff, teacher, training, wheelchair, broken, repair, mobility

Rope Pumps

The show was conceived to begin a conversation and provoke discussion about the broad range of ways various organizations and individuals are addressing the underpinnings of poverty through design innovations. The selected objects tell a story and are windows into the numerous ways these groups are providing direct solutions
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