Introducing the Rhinoceros

In the age of Instagram, it is easy to forget that there was a time—in fact, most of time—when information about what an animal looked like was passed between continents by sketches and word of mouth.  If this rhinoceros looks a little funny, with whiskers under his chin and scale-covered plates, it is because Albrecht Dürer, the great Northern Renaissance artist and thinker who created this print, had never actually seen one. 
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Eighteenth-Century Scenic and Architectural Design: Drawings by the Galli Bibiena Family

The Galli Bibiena family dominated theater production in Europe from the late seventeenth to the late eighteenth century. This exhibition showcases the family's architectural and theatrical designs—notably the work of Francesco Galli Bibiena and his son, Giovanni Carlo Galli Bibiena—through drawings, engravings, books, and manuscripts.
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