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Patrick Jouin rapid prototyping/C2 Chair

Patrick Jouin describes the rapid prototyping process used for the production of his 'C2 Chair'.
Cooper-Hewitt Design Center, Patrick Jouin

The National Design Awards

What are the National Design Awards? What makes the Awards unique and important to the country and the world? Acclaimed designers and design thinkers Massimo Vignelli, Debbie Millman, Steven Heller, Walter Hood, Davin Stowell and Isabel & Ruben Toledo explain in this short piece about the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Awards, its meaning and legacy.
Cooper-Hewitt Design Center, National Design Awards

Andrew Revkin

Join Andrew Revkin, professor, author, and creator of the New York Times Dot Earth blog on climate change and sustainable living, to explore contemporary trends in collaborative communication and design and how they can be used to shape a sustainable human journey. How can nurturing the 'knowosphere' increase public awareness of an increasingly human-dominated planet and foster constructive discussion and action?
Cooper-Hewitt Design Center, ecological, green design, talks

2012 National Design Awards Gala: Part 1

The National Design Awards are bestowed at a gala benefit dinner and awards ceremony in New York City each fall. This year's festivities will be held at the spectacular Pier Sixty on the Hudson River on the evening of Wednesday, October 17. This year's vice-chairs are Beth Comstock, Aaron Dignan, Paul Herzan, Madeleine Rudin Johnson, Fern Mallis, Todd Oldham, and Judy Francis Zankel.
Cooper-Hewitt Design Center, National Design Award, gala