Meet the Hewitts: Part Five

Meet the Hewitts: Part Four described the Hewitts going to Gilded Age balls and their love of fashion and entertaining.  This month let’s enjoy their country lifestyle at Ringwood Manor.
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Meet the Hewitts: Part Four

Meet the Hewitts: Part Three described how Sarah and Eleanor’s knowledge of the arts of decoration grew as they embarked on a lifelong passion for collecting. This segment explores their role as prominent members of Gilded Age society.
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Meet the Hewitts: Part Three

Last month’s snippet, Meet the Hewitts: Part Two,  focused on the education and family life of the young Hewitt children.  Now we move on to Sarah and Eleanor’s formative years. 
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Meet the Hewitts: Part Two

In last month’s Meet the Hewitts “snippet” you met the Cooper and Hewitt grandparents and Amelia Cooper and Abram Hewitt.  This brief chapter pictures the early years of the Hewitt children.
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Meet the Hewitts

This is the story of the Hewitt sisters, Amelia, Sarah and Eleanor, and their family. You will meet and get to know them all in twelve monthly “snippets.” We think that Sarah and Eleanor, who never married, were remarkable as independent women who not only were pioneers in the field of design education but successfully pursued their dream of opening a unique museum at Cooper Union. The snippets will touch on issues of women’s education, design for American industry, life in the Gilded Age, fashion, travel, and most important, the early days of the Cooper Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration, now our Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.
Cooper, Hewitt, sisters, Hewitt sisters, meet the hewitts
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