On beige background, in black, a human skull appears to be flying toward the viewer with outspread eagle wings. Behind him follows an innumerable "flock" of text--a repetition of the word "ptaki" (birds) in varying fonts of varying sizes. At the top, left of center, the inscription "niesamowity film / ALFREDA HITCOCKA / wykonawcy: Rod Taylor / "Tippi" Hedren Jessica Tandy / Suzanne Pieshette / produkcja: Hitchcock-Universal".
Fear and Flight
Constraints are often said to offer the best conditions for creativity. During the communist era, Polish graphics flourished. Due to the lack of external influences, poster designers needed to create their own isolated yet diverse visual language.[1] Cut off from Western iconography, these creatives were tasked with advertising the few American films that penetrated the...
Design Talks | Richard Niessen Meets Euclid
Two short talks and a moderated conversation featuring graphic designers Richard Niessen and Craig Welsh explore themes of ornament, type, and history in contemporary graphic design. Niessen’s poster series—Palace of Typographic Masonry—create intricate arrangements of text and pattern, and is now on view in Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial. Welsh collaborated with AIGA Gold Medalist Elaine Lustig Cohen...
Imitating Nature
Jianping He was among forty Asian designers invited by the Taiwanese calligrapher Tong Yang-Tze to collaborate on a group of twenty-four works of calligraphy focusing on the subject of “imitating nature.” The theme, which had long been a driving influence in the tradition of Chinese painting and calligraphy, also reminded He of a quote by Albert Einstein: “Look...
In the middle of evolution
In 1975, Takenobu Igarashi created the poster “Graphic Designers on the West Coast” to promote a publication that introduced American graphic designers from the West Coast to Japanese audiences. Igarashi’s simple composition is enhanced by the sculptural, three dimensional quality of letterforms that playfully refer the initials of the designers’ names featured in the book....
Typographic Wonder
Canadian designer Marian Bantjes began her career as a typesetter before creating a personal style that combines type and ornament.  This distinctive aesthetic has allowed her to cross boundaries between fine arts and design, illustration and typography. This poster was produced to advertise the annual conference of the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA). It was printed in...
Textile: Names, designed by Alexander Hayden Girard, USA, 1957
The Name Game
Names was designed by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller in 1957. He used typography as pattern in many of his works – from textiles and wall coverings to signs, logos, and even menu layouts — by playfully mixing, transforming, and inventing fonts for whatever the project required. Sometimes he created entire alphabets while other times...
Matt Flynn 005
A Typographic Stretch
Botta/Cucchi is a poster for an exhibition at the Museo Cantonale d’Arte in Lugano, Switzerland, about the collaborative project for the Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel by the architect Mario Botta and the painter Enzo Cucchi. The chapel, commissioned by Egidio Cattaneo and dedicated to his late wife, is on Mount Tamaro and is only...
Bradley His Book vol 1 No 1 Matt Flynn
Mad about Printing
Bradley: His Book only had nine issues, but both it and its author made a lasting impact on American typography and graphic design. Will Bradley was a charter member of the Boston Arts and Crafts society, making him a key player in shaping the arts and crafts movement in America. Dedicated to handcrafting his printed...
Graphic Design Meet-up with Philippe Apeloig
Streamed live on September 26, 2015. Graphic designer Philippe Apeloig speaks about his work and methodologies in today’s rapidly changing world of graphic design. A fascinating conversation about design, typography, branding, digital media, and global practice.