Ivory colored square-topped vanity table with black-lacquered lid, hinged at back, that opens to reveal mirror and two long lights; four tapered and stepped legs. Lacquered square-topped stool with tapered and stepped legs.
Bring Beauty Into Your Bathroom
Lurelle Guild was a prolific industrial designer, producing useful and beautiful objects that modernized the American home spanning from vacuum cleaners to canapé plates. Guild’s usual method was to invent or develop the new product, patent it, and then assign the patent to the manufacturer, charging a fee and royalties. In 1933 and 1934 he...
Small writing desk with curved back continuing in natural curve down the back legs. Liftable writing surface inset with stamped leather. Surface on all sides decorated with Oriental design of petals of mother-of-pearl and entwining lines of brass and silver alloy.
A Bit of Zen
This desk is an example of the Italian interpretation of the Art Nouveau style, known as Stile Floreale. This desk model was exhibited by Carlo Zen, a Milanese furniture manufacturer, at the 1902 First International Exposition of Modern Decorative Arts, in Turin, Italy. The exhibition helped Italy to show the rest of the world that...
Armchair composed of strips of light-colored maple curved and glued to form back, arms, legs and seat; strips within circular seat woven to form flat surface.
The Cross Check Chair is named after a hockey infraction in which a player holds their stick vertically and blocks another player, illegally checking them. The name is also a reference to the seat of this chair, which is made out of interwoven maple plywood strips, creating a check pattern, and a double meaning of...
View of an opulent bed with ornate hangings
A Bed for a King
An opulent bed, almost completely dominated by its hangings, pushes at the edges of the border in this etching by the French designer and architect, Daniel Marot. This design is for a state bed (lit d’apparat), a bed that was purely ceremonial rather than functional, and kept in royal palaces and aristocratic residences in the...
Circular molded plate with curved upturned edge; white ground printed with black irregular lines and twelve reserve vignettes with furniture, kitchen tools, plants, etc.
A Heaping Plate of Design
After World War II, design boomed in Europe. Colors were brighter, lines more dynamic and materials more industrial—affordable modernism emerged to feed thriving consumers in the 1950s. The now iconic Homemaker tableware line started as a challenge for young English designer Enid Seeney. She was tasked with creating an “all-over” pattern for fashionable rimless plates....
Black outline of an organic, bulbous form connected to a wide footed, trunk-like base. Three ornamental bud-shapes appear at top center. The form is bisected by a thin black horizontal line to suggest the lid line. The interior of the form is colored in a reddish-brown or sienna colored wash.
A Work By Wendell Castle
This chest, by twentieth-century American designer/craftsman Wendell Castle is an outstanding example of the American studio furniture movement. Commissioned as a stereo cabinet, it is a variant of a blanket chest he crafted in 1968 that is now  housed in the collection of the Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. Castle’s work is...
2011 National Design Awards: Corporate and Institutional Achievement – Knoll
Hans and Florence Knoll founded their company in 1938 on the belief that good design enriches our lives. That belief thrives today at Knoll through their pioneering analysis of work patterns, reimagining furniture for the ever-changing workplace, and setting standards for sustainable design. Throughout its history, Knoll has fostered the most innovative designers of our...
Hot stuff from ICFF 2011
The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is a fun place to visit each year for new trends and ideas in commercial design. Sustainability was a hot theme in the school projects represented at the ICFF: ICFF School One project in particular highlights a rising trend in product design and marketing. The product-design program of the University...
Cooper-Hewitt: Unity of Opposites: A Conversation with Doshi-Levien
Join London-based design duo Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien in a conversation about their new furniture collection for Moroso that combines handmade and industrial production, a design approach that reflects a cross-cultural creative process. The discussion is moderated by Julie Lasky, Editor-In-Chief of I.D. Magazine.