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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How to Minimize Waste
Reduce, recycle, and reuse are the three words to live by when thinking of how to limit waste generation and the human footprint on the environment.
Green Glossary: A for Artisanal
What the term means in the 21st-century.
Scraps Stories
Welcome to the blog series inspired by the exhibition Scraps: Fashion, Textiles,and Creative Reuse.
DISEÑO Lecture | Edmundo Castillo on Shoe Design
Shoe designer Edmundo Castillo, Creative Director and Executive Vice President of Aquatalia, on his influences and process, followed by a discussion with W Magazine Digital Features Director, Erik Maza. Prior to joining Aquatalia, Edmundo Castillo worked alongside industry icons Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Sergio Rossi before launching his eponymous collection in 1999. He has...
Painted Pleats: A History of European Fan Painting
Jacob Moss, Curator of London’s Fan Museum, traces the evolution of over 200 years of fan painting, using examples from Cooper Hewitt and The Fan Museum collections. This lecture is part of the Morse Historic Design Lecture Series. With the recent resurgence of interest in hand-held fan design, Cooper Hewitt’s historic collection of fans is...
Design Talks | Reflecting on Uniformity with Thom Browne
A conversation between Thom Browne, 2012 National Design Award winner for fashion design, and Matilda McQuaid, Deputy Curatorial Director and Head of Textiles at Cooper Hewitt. Thom Browne is guest curator of Thom Browne Selects, which features mirrors, frames, and reflective wallcovering chosen by the designer from the museum’s permanent collection, as well as Browne’s...
Mirror, mirror on the wall…
This week’s entries are dedicated to objects featured in the exhibition Thom Browne Selects (see installation image above), currently on view at Cooper Hewitt through October 23, 2016. The following is an excerpt from a conversation that I had with American fashion designer and National Design Award winner, Thom Browne, about his museum exhibition and...
Panel: Sandune, Australia, 1991, machine knit cotton, Produced by Coogi Australia.
Notorious Coogi
This cotton panel displays the signature elements that have come to make Coogi a recognizable brand worldwide. With asymmetrical lines, a variety of different textures, and a plethora of bright colors this fabric offers all the energetic vibrancy associated with the Coogi brand. For many people today the name Coogi calls to mind the particular...
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A Maker’s Record
After a decade of working as a designer and stylist in Europe, Natalie Chanin traveled to her hometown of Lovelace Crossroads, Alabama, to film a documentary, Stitch, about the southern quilting tradition. Ads placed in local newspapers brought in hundreds of stitchers, some formerly employed in Alabama’s once-thriving textile industry. Chanin created the fashion and...