2011 Business of Design: Melody Roberts - Quantifying design's contribution

Monday June 18, 2012Business of Design, 2011, Melody Roberts

2011 Business of Design: Gordon Feller - Engineers use data for design

Monday June 18, 2012Business of Design, 2011, Gordon Feller, Engineers, data for design

2011 Business of Design: Design and the CEO

Monday June 18, 2012Business of Design, 2011, Gordon Feller, Philip Duncan, Charles L. Jones, Melody Roberts

2011 Business of Design: Designers and Engineers

Monday June 18, 2012Business of Design, 2011, Alfonso E. Albaisa, James Ludwig, Beth Comstock, Emmanuel Perrin

2011 Business of Design: Design Accountability

Monday June 18, 2012Business of Design, 2011, Accountability, Mauro Porcini, Charles L. Jones, Philip Duncan

Cooper-Hewitt Visits Smart Design

Monday June 18, 2012The Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt has recently acquired several original prototypes and drawings used to develop OXO's Good Grips product line. Cooper-Hewitt curators identified this line for the museum's collection because the products were a game-changing innovation iconic of late 20th century design. Watch this video to learn more about the story behind the objects.Smart Design, davin stowell, dan formosa, gail davidson, cindy trope, sarah coffin, product design, ID, Industrial Design, NYC, oxo, good grips, ergonomics, late 20th century design

Target: Design in the Classroom

Monday June 18, 2012Target: Design in the Classroom is an innovative new program that brings the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to NYC schools. This video shows a kids-eye-view into a full day of design workshops at P.S. 124 in South Ozone, Queens. All K-12 teachers in NYC are eligible for this free, hands-on design workshop. Register online today at to register your school for this exciting & free program.Design in the Classroom, target, design workshops, Teacher outreach, k12, NYC schools, Joanna Burgess, Valarie Lewis

DesignPrep: The Scholars Program

Monday June 18, 2012Excerpts from year-end presentations by Cooper-Hewitt's Youth Scholars. They talk about their favorite moments in the Scholars program, which includes intimate seminars, hands-on design workshops, studio visits, prestigious internships, and college tours. The Scholars Program is a component of DesignPrep, a series of free design-education programs for New York City high-school students, developed to introduce them to opportunities in design.designprep, Youth Scholars program, design education, NYC high schools, student presentations

Cooper-Hewitt: 2011 Business of Design

Monday June 18, 2012A group of business and institutional leaders discuss the value and challenges of using design thinking . The conversation on October 19 was moderated by Bob Safian, the editor of Fastcompany magazine.Business of Design, 2011, Bob Safian, moderator

2011 Business of Design: Raj Patel - Design encourages others to innovate

Monday June 18, 2012Raj Patel, Arup, Business of Design, 2011