Winners' Panel

Tuesday June 19, 2012Live webcast of the National Design Awards Winners' Panel, part of National Design Week 2011.National Design Awards, 2011, nda, Winners Panel, webcast, panel, panel discussion, long, public program

Design [R]evolutions: Places for Paintings and Paintings for Places

Tuesday June 19, 2012It is difficult to believe that the works of art we now see in museums were originally intended for display someplace else. The inaugural speaker for Desigh [R]evolutions, Dr. Nicholas Penny will discuss where several famous paintings now in public galleries were originally intended to hang, and how lighting, heigh, wall color, frames, and the functions of rooms exerted a decisive influence on the artists who painted them. Design [R]evolutions, Lecture, Enid and Lester Historic Design Lecture series, Dr. Nicholas Penny, paintings, galleries history, talk, long, public program

Design Exchange Panel

Tuesday June 19, 2012As residents of informal settlements collaborate more and more with designers, governments, and organizations, truly innovative solutions and ideas are emerging. This panel featuring exhibition participants will discuss what they are doing to meet the demands of growing urban populations and new economies. Panelists include representatives from: - Shack/Slum Dwellers International - Design With Africa initiative - University of Buenos Aires - WASSUP (Water, Amenities and Sanitation Services Upgrade Project)Design with the Other 90% Cities, Exhibition, UN, United Nations, collaboration, panel discussion, Shack/Slum Dwellers International, Design With Africa initiative, University of Buenos Aires, WASSUP, Water Amenities and Sanitation Services Upgrade Project, panelists, panel, talk, long, public program

Sustainable and Inclusive Cities

Tuesday June 19, 2012Cities all over the world are rapidly expanding and facing issues such as climate change, rapid urban migration and overburdened public services. This panel discussion focuses on initiatives that seek to include those who have been marginalized by established cities, especially the poor, women, youth and entire communities. Panelists include representatives from: - Kounkey Design InitiativeCities with the other 90%, Exhibition, UN, United Nations, sustainable, sustainability, inclusivity, Kounkey Design Initiative, panelist, panel discussion, Cynthia Smith, panel, talk, long, public program

Case Study: Community Upgrading in Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday June 19, 2012This discussion is centered on Thailand's Baan Mankong Community Upgrading Project, a particularly successful example of housing improvement, land-tenure security, and infrastructure development that places slum communities at the center of the upgrading process.Cities with the other 90%, Exhibition, UN, United Nations, Bangkok Thailand, Baan Mankong Community Upgrading Project, housing, infrastructure, Cynthia Smith, talk, long, public program

2011 National Design Awards - Welcome Video

Tuesday June 19, 2012Montage welcome for the 2011 National Design Awards gala. Music by DoKashiteru Design Awards, 2011, National Design Awards Gala, Welcome

2011 National Design Awards: Design Mind Award - Steven Heller

Tuesday June 19, 2012The recipient of the 2011 Design Mind Award is Steven Heller. Steven is the author and editor of more than 130 books on graphic design, satiric art, and popular culture. He was an art director for 33 years at the New York Times, where he continues to contribute as a columnist for the Book Review. A dedicated educator, Steve has co-founded six graduate programs at the School of Visual Arts including the MFA Designer as Author program, which he also co-chairs. Steven Heller, art director, NY Times, design educator, School of Visual Arts, SVA, National Design Awards, 2011, National Design Award Design Mind

2011 National Design Awards: Interior Design Award - Shelton, Mindel & Associates

Tuesday June 19, 2012Shelton, Mindel & Associates is this year's recipient of the Interior Design Award. Established in 1978, the firm is a leader in architectural, interior, and product solutions. Peter Shelton and Lee Mindel have applied their passion for building unified environments to the firm's portfolio of projects, which includes the design of the Polo/Ralph Lauren headquarters and the private homes of Sting and Trudie Styler. The Interior Design Award is given to an individual or firm for exceptional and exemplary work in domestic, corporate, or cultural interior design.Shelton Mindel & Associates, interior design, interior designers, Peter Shelton, Lee Mindel, National Design Awards, 2011, National Design Award Interior Design

2011 National Design Awards: People's Design Award - Design Matters on Design Observer

Tuesday June 19, 2012The 2011 People's Design Award goes to Design Matters on Design Observer. Created by Debbie Millman, Design Matters is a free podcast about design and culture. Featuring interviews with designers, artists, and cultural leaders, the show offers incredible insight into the lives and careers of some of the greatest design minds. The show is now exclusively published on Design Observer and all broadcasts can be downloaded for free on iTunes. The People's Design Award is part of a wide range of Cooper-Hewitt programs and events that engage all audiences with design.Design Matters, Design Observer, podcast, Debbie Millman, National Design Awards, 2011, National Design Award People's Design Award, speech

2011 National Design Awards: Landscape Architecture Award - Gustafson Guthrie Nichol

Tuesday June 19, 2012Gustafson Guthrie Nichol is the winner of the 2011 Landscape Architecture Award. Founded by partners Kathryn Gustafson, Jennifer Guthrie, and Shannon Nichol, the firm designs high-use landscapes in complex, urban contexts throughout the Americas and Asia. One of their projects includes the Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The Landscape Architecture category recognizes excellence in urban planning and the design of parks and gardensGustafson Guthrie Nichol, landscape architect, landscape architecture, Kathryn Gustafson, Jennifer Guthrie, Shannon Nichol, Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard, National Portrait Gallery, National Design Awards, 2011, National Design Award Landscape Architecture