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A City of Neighborhoods

Learn about the design process, gain real work experience, collaborate with professional designers, and earn community service hours in A City of Neighborhoods (ACON).  APPLY TODAY!
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Fall Exhibition Tour Schedule

Cooper-Hewitt Announces Fall Exhibition Tour Schedule Several exhibitions organized by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum will be traveling across the country and around the world this fall, including “Romantic Interiors: Watercolours 1820–1890,” “Design with the Other 90%: CITIES” and “Graphic Design—Now in Production.”
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DesignPrep: A City of Neighborhoods

City of Neighborhoods is an innovative experience about the design process, learning from professionals to understand how design can affect and improve your community. This 11-session workshop offers youth participants the opportunity to incorporate the latest technologies which includes iPads, Macbooks, and FlipVideos. Youth participants use these tools to capture and display their work via the NYCLN a social network that enables the exchange of civic minded ideas and discussion.
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DesignBoost NYC: Susannah Drake

DesignBoost NYC was a two-day design conference held at Cooper-Hewitt in June 2011. Thirteen speakers specializing in everything from biomechanics to filmmaking addressed the conference's theme, "Design Beyond Design" in this series of short talks.
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Immovable Objects: Urban Open Spaces

A celebration of outdoor public places organized as part of our ongoing study of the urban environment. Ten on-site exhibitions explore the city as museum and laboratory: Parks, Plazas, Playgrounds, Recreation Areas, The Street, Public Furniture and Graphics, Pedestrian Malls, Waterfronts, Open Spaces in New Towns, and Conceptual Open Spaces. 
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Roma Interrotta

Twelve contemporary architects reimagine Rome, based on Giambattista Nolli's 18th-century urban plan. This exhibition includes the work of Piero Sartogo, Costantino Dardi, Antoine Grumbach, James Stirling, Paolo Portoghesi, Romaldo Giurgola, Robert Venturi, Colin Rowe, Michael Graves, Leon Krier, Aldo Ross, and Robert Krier.
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Immovable Objects: Manhattan from Battery Park to the Brooklyn Bridge

The first in a series of experiments to understand some of the complex forces that shape cities. This exhibition puts the neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, a showcase of urban design, on display. The Exhibition Loop, a path that winds through streets and building lobbies, is laid out to help focus attention on a representative cross-section of objects, from skyscrapers to lamp posts. 
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Design with the Other 90%: CITIES

The groundbreaking 2007 Design for the Other 90% exhibition has been developed into an ongoing series that will continue to focus on design solutions that address the 90 percent of the world's population not traditionally serviced by the professional design community. Design with the Other 90%: CITIES, the second exhibition in the series, examines the complex issues arising from the unprecedented rate of urban growth projected to take place over the next twenty years, primarily in the informal settlements of the global south.
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