Color Light Surface: Contemporary Fabrics

An exhibition devoted to the fabrics of the 1980s. Metallics, pleating, and puckering feature among the 150 textiles on view.
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A Day Without Art

The highlight of this exhibition are ten panels that will soon join the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. Textiles, wallcoverings, drawings, and prints created by designers who have died of AIDS accompany the panels, including works by architects Roger Ferri and Alan Buchsbaum, textile and wallpaper designer Peter Todd Mitchell, and graphic designer David Exley. More than 150 New York museums and galleries are commemorating “World AIDS Day" on December 1.
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The Cooper-Hewitt Collections: A Design Resource

This in-depth presentation of of close to 1,000 objects endeavors to capture the richness and variety of the Museum's permanent collection through a series of changing gallery installations. 
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Recent Acquisitions: Textile Selection

Featured objects include Monuments of Indiana designed by American Paul Riba, and contemporary screen-printed fabrics by the Swiss firm Création Baumann.
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Design and Fabric Technology: Pushing the Limits

This exhibition spotlights designs that resulted from major international collaborations between textile designers and fabric producers—collaborations that combine art and technology to push beyond the limitations normally imposed by the commercial market. Objects include screen-printed textiles created by the Netherlands-based designer, Ulf Moritz, who joined Dutch producer De Ploeg and the German firm Taurus, as well as whimsical Jacquard woven fabrics produced by American textile artists Patricia Kinsella and Sheila O’Hara, who were sponsored by the German company&n
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Collecting A to Z: Recent Acquisitions

An alphabetically-arranged exhibition of recent acquisitions. "A is for Architecture" features three studies by architect Aldo Rossi for Euro Disney. "H is for Humor" includes industrial designer Constantin Boym’s Mona Lisa clock. “U is for Universal Design” showcases kitchen tools designed by the New York firm, Smart Design. 
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Choices: Recent Acquisitions

These recent acquisitions demonstrate the importance of design in everyday life. Teapots and chairs are on display, along with a group of drawings for the Central Park Zoo, an early-19th-century French textile depicting the “Monuments of Paris,” and late-20th century posters by Japanese graphic designer Ikko Tanaka.
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Design for Life: A Centennial Celebration

This exhibition features works designed for daily life, and is comprised of selections from the Museum's permanent collection, chosen by the graphic designer, Stephen Doyle, and the architect, Leslie Gail. The diverse objects include an Eames chair, a red and white Soviet chess set, and a toothbrush. 
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The Opulent Eye of Alexander Girard

This exhibition explores the work of artist Alexander Girard (1907-1993), one of America's most innovative 20th century designers. Unique in postwar American design, Girard created textiles as well as graphics, interiors, and furnishings that introduced modern design to millions of Americans.  Organized by Donald Albrecht, Curator of Special Projects.
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Russel Wright: Creating American Lifestyle

This first major retrospective of one of the country's greatest industrial designers explores the products and ideas developed and marketed by Russel Wright, inventor of a gracious, informal, and contemporary approach to the middle-class, mid-century American home.
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