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Cooper-Hewitt: Design for the Other 90% - Panel Discussion

This panel highlights the growing trend in design to create affordable and socially responsible objects for the vast majority of the world's population (90%) not traditionally serviced by designers. Contributors to the exhibition Design for the Other 90% discuss the design and use of affordable and socially responsible objects. Be among the first to see the exhibition which illustrates the power of design to improve quality of life everywhere.
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Design for the Other 90%

This exhibition highlights the growing trend among designers to create affordable and socially responsible objects for the vast majority of the world's population—the 90% not traditionally serviced by professional designers. 
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Social Impact Design Summit

What? Design is a process that can solve problems, and socially responsible design is design that seeks to solve problems which vex the world’s poor and marginalized communities. Simply put, socially responsible design uses innovation and the tools of design to improve access to services such as healthcare and education and increase social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
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Valuing World Cultures – Bill Moggridge

The third of the grand challenges posed by Secretary Wayne Clough for the new strategic plan of the Smithsonian is explained by the sentence: “As a steward and ambassador of cultural connections, with a presence in some 100 countries and expertise and collections that encompass the globe, we will build bridges of mutual respect, and present the diversity of world cultures and the joy of creativity with accuracy, insight, and reverence.”
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