School of Visual Arts

2011 National Design Awards: Design Mind Award - Steven Heller

The recipient of the 2011 Design Mind Award is Steven Heller. Steven is the author and editor of more than 130 books on graphic design, satiric art, and popular culture. He was an art director for 33 years at the New York Times, where he continues to contribute as a columnist for the Book Review. A dedicated educator, Steve has co-founded six graduate programs at the School of Visual Arts including the MFA Designer as Author program, which he also co-chairs.
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Underground Images: Subway Posters from the School of Visual Arts

Forty posters are on view from the School of Visual Arts, all of which have been displayed in the New York City subway system during the four decades of the school’s existence. The exhibition features works by illustrators Milton Glaser, Marshall Arisman, Robert Weaver, Art Spiegelman, and Jerry Moriarty.
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