Sitting on Sculpture

Many people say “Chippendale” when they see a chair with a carved and pierced back.  While it is true that Thomas Chippendale designed such chairs and his workshop produced similar models, the reason such chairs bear his name is because of the book of designs he published, The Gentleman and Cabinetmaker’s Director the first edition of which was in 1754.
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2010 National Design Awards: Architecture Design - KieranTimberlake

The winner of the 2010 Architecture Design Award is KieranTimberlake. Founded in 1984, the firm is noted for its integration of research with design, and a deep environmental ethic.
National Design Awards, 2010, Kieran Timberlake, Architecture, Marilyn Jordan Taylor, University of Pennsylvania, Loblolly, Phillies, Philadelphia

Critter & Guitari

Chris Kucinski and Owen Osborn, a.k.a. Critter & Guitari, are a Philadelphia-based design duo specializing in unusual devices for electronic music.
Critter & Guitari, Chris Kucinski, Owen Osborn, electronic music, electronic instruments, devices, synesthetic, Philadelphia