Why Design Now?: SunShade

Why? SunShade is an outdoor solar floor lamp. With solar cells embedded in the canopy and acting as sensors, the umbrella opens and closes automatically like a real flower in relation to the shifting sun. During the day, the SunShade opens to provide shade and harness sunlight, and as the sun goes down, the parasol contracts into a glowing lamp.
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The Outdoor Chair

The 30 chairs on display in the garden of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum are the creation of thirty artists, architects, and furniture designers from the San Francisco area, who were invited to explore the theme of outdoor seating. These sculptural seats are made from a variety of materials, including steel, wire, mesh, aluminum, galvanized hardware, glass crates, and tree branches. Visitors are encouraged to sit on the exhibits!
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Angles of Repose: A Garden Exhibition of Central Park Benches

Seven types of benches used in Central Park from its opening to the present time are on display in the Museum's Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden. The benches, each with its own history, invite the visitor to sit down, relax, and take in the beautiful garden surroundings.
Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden, furniture, outdoor, seating, Central Park, benches, exhibitions

Monday Enhancement: Lit Tree

Lit Tree is an augmented-reality project which lets you use hand gestures to interact with an illuminated tree.
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Designing Sustainably Is About to Become Easier

  Two significant tools for American designers seeking to make their design process more sustainable have recently been announced. The first tool, which hopefully will have broad and positive implications for manufacturers of outdoor industry goods, is Eco-Index.  
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