Andrea Palladio in America

This exhibition explores the impact of the 16th-century Italian architect, Andrea Palladio, on American architecture. Among the objects on display are 16 large wooden scale models of villas and churches designed by Palladio, large scale photographs of the buildings as they appear today, and panels of photographs depicting important buildings in the United States that reflect Palladio's influence.
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Alvar Aalto: 1898–1976

This retrospective of the work of the major Finnish architect features photographs, original drawings, architectural models, furniture, and glassware. Organized by the Finnish Museum of Architecture.
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Arches for Galveston

An exhibition of seven arches designed by seven of America’s leading architects, all commissioned for the 1986 Mardi Gras in Galveston, Texas. The designs by Helmut John, Cesar Pelli, Stanley Tigerman, Eugene Aubry, Michael Graves, Charles Moore, and Boone Powell, represented through models and drawings, range from the serious to the fantastical. Also included in the exhibition is a large-scale model of an arch by Italian architect Aldo Rossi, designed for Galveston's 1988 Mardi Gras.
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Frank Lloyd Wright and the Johnson Wax Building: Creating a Corporate Cathedral

Frank Lloyd Wright’s great concern for space and scale is explored in this exhibition on the Johnson Wax Headquarters Building in Racine, Wisconsin. More than 100 items are on display, including lithographs, scale models, murals, videotapes of Wright discussing his work, original drawing from Wright’s unpublished archives in Arizona, and correspondence between Wright and the company's president, Herbert F. Johnson. The building was constructed in the 1930s and was later designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976.
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Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament

The more than 170 objects on display underscore the importance of Chicago-born architect, Louis Henry Sullivan (1856-1924), on American architecture. Sullivan saw aesthetic potential in the versatility of steel, and his accomplishments include the Wainwright Building in St. Louis and the Guaranty Buildings in Buffalo. The exhibition focuses on Sullivan's incorporation of ornament and modernism, and features models, photographs, and ornamental fragments, including a pencil sketch of a snowflake for an elevator panel.
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What Could Have Been: Unbuilt Architecture of the 80s

An exhibition of 30 unrealized architectural projects. The models and drawings on display include proposals for civic projects and large-scale commercial buildings that would have altered the landscapes of major cities. Alice Aycock, Steven Holl, Philip Johnson, Frank Gehry, and Antoine Predock are among the featured architects.
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A Memorial to Jan Palach

An exhibition dedicated to the memorial designed by Czech architect John Hejduk for the Czech philosophy student, Jan Palach, who committed suicide in 1969 in protest to the Czech government’s repression of the Prague Spring. Scale models of the House of the Suicide and House of the Mother of the Suicide are on display, along with the poem that inspired Hejduk, David Shapiro’s The Funeral of Jan Palach.
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The Architecture of Reassurance: Designing the Disney Theme Parks

Approximately 200 artifacts reveal the methods of Disney's design team and trace the history of the parks from original concepts to present day developments. Many never-seen-before plans, renderings, posters, paintings, and models from the extensive archives of Walt Disney Imagineering are on view. This traveling exhibition was curated by Karal Ann Marling and organized by the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. Sponsored by Target Stores.
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Made to Scale: Staircase Masterpieces—The Eugene & Clare Thaw Gift

In the fifth exhibition in the Nancy and Edwin Marks Gallery, Cooper-Hewitt will present Eugene and Clare Thaw’s collection of staircase models—the largest known holding of these works outside of France—which will be accessioned into the museum’s permanent collection. Made to Scale: Staircase Masterpieces—The Eugene & Clare Thaw Gift, is the first museum exhibition in the United States focused on staircase models.
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Intelligent Coalitions

The one-day Social Impact Design Summit, held on February 27, 2012, brought together individuals who engage in socially responsible design every day: public-interest architects, industrial designers, planners, civil-society designers, landscape architects, engineers, and inventors from Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, working in the private, public and social sectors.
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